Life Choices equips youth for healthy sexual & relationship choices – and we’ve worked with over 20,000 students in the classroom setting.

Our curriculum is medically accurate, age-appropriate, and centered around helping teens eliminate sexual risk – not simply reduce it. We teach the importance of healthy decision-making to future life outcomes.

Signature Topics:

  • Healthy Relationships & Whole Person Health
  • Boundaries & Consent
  • Anatomy & Puberty
  • Conception & Future Family Planning
  • Unplanned Sexual Outcomes: STIs & Teen Pregnancy Prevention
  • Making Choices for Future Success

Worth the Wait:

Students in Sexual Risk Avoidance Education (SRAE) programs like ours are MORE likely to delay sexual initiation, according to 25 peer-reviewed studies.

Sexual delay is a significant health behavior for teens in decreasing the risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), teen pregnancy, and more. We believe all students deserve access to the information and skills needed for optimal health outcomes.

To learn more about our SRAE program, schedule a Parent Talk, or volunteer, contact

Did You Know?

When asked what makes the biggest difference in sexual and relationship decision-making, teens report their parents are the single most influential factor.

We encourage parents to be the first resource when it matters most!

Parental involvement beyond the classroom is supported through our at-home resources and our 6-week workshop for parents of tweens & teens!

Education Program Feedback:

“For the first time, no, really the first time… I’m so happy with something that is being presented to our kids at school!!!!!!! What a huge sigh of relief!” – Parent, Spring 2023

“I had lots of fun being there for your presentations! It helped me set good goals for myself & know what choices to make in the future!” – Middle School Student, Spring 2023

“I learned it’s very possible to be successful, more than I thought.” – High School Student, Spring 2023

“Thank you so much! You were great, and the kids were really able to relate to you! Hope to do it again next semester!” – Teacher, Spring 2023